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The story behind

Driving around one day, my daughter mentioned that another person told her I was one of the angriest Christians they knew. That statement was confirmed by a second person apparently... Go figure. Well back to the story. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really care for people but some situations aggravate me. Especially bad drivers. I would guess that you agree... Maybe? Maybe not. Oh well, on that day my daughter told me, "Daddy, you are always angry" and my response was, "Yep. I STAY MAD."

In that moment, she told me that the saying would go good a on shirt. That was the birth of "I STAY M.A.D." The meaning is more than what you think. It is not that the emotion of being mad is bad, but you definitely should not just stay in the emotion. You should, with our help become Motivated And Determined to be successful in the area that you were created to be successful in. We may look mad, but we are deep in thought and focused. Or in our language, Motivated And Determined!!!


Life can be tough, but STAY M.A.D. Life can be unfair, but STAY M.A.D. Life can get better if you just get mad and STAY M.A.D.


Stay Motivated! Stay Determined! Stay focused to live out the best version of this life that you were designed to do. Life is really more than what we have grown to know. 


My purpose in life is to reveal that life is more than what we experienced. We want to encourage, teach and inspire you and others, to realize that you have what it takes! Its not over for you and we want to help you realize what makes you M.A.D. and now do something about it! 

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